So I’ve finally done it: a development blog. This sure was a long time in the making.

So what’s up with the title? “Taller Code”? Well, it derives from two sources:

  1. I’m on a personal journey of self betterment (relating to software development anyway). I want my code to get bigger, better, and “taller” in the metaphorical sense, and I want to drag as many of my peers as I can along with me.
  2. I’m a bit over 6’4″, so some would say I’m pretty tall myself.

Retarded? Perhaps. Cheesy? Sure. The result of picking a name first and trying to think up an explanation for it afterwards? Definitely.

It works though, and I’m hoping it sets a tone for my future posts and gives me a bit of a goal to keep in mind while working on them.

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