Feb 24
Canton Software Craftsmanship
icon1 Darrell Mozingo | icon2 Events | icon4 February 24th, 2011| icon3No Comments »

Brandon Joyce and I are starting a Software Craftsmanship group in the Canton area. Appropriately titled Canton Software Craftsmanship, it’ll be the first Monday of every month starting at 6pm in Stark State’s auditorium. You can get more information at the group’s website, here.

If you’re interested in attending, please register so we have a head count for the provided pizza & drinks.

Hope to see you there!

Feb 1
Taskie – Lowering the entrance barrier
icon1 Darrell Mozingo | icon2 Taskie | icon4 February 1st, 2011| icon3No Comments »

One more step to lowering the entrance barrier for Taskie is complete:

Taskie NuGet Feed

Taskie is available on the official NuGet package feed. Build configurations are pending on CodeBetter’s TeamCity server as well.

Next up: ability to log when tasks run, and query that information for later use.