About Me

Darrell Mozingo

My name’s Darrell Mozingo and I live in London, England (a transplant from Canton, OH). What’s up with the blog’s name? Check out my first post for an explanation.

I work primarily with .NET technologies at 7digital, a tech start-up in the Silicon Roundabout area, but play with Ruby and Node.js on the side. I was also a Windows/Linux sys admin in a former life while I finished up my CS degree, so I’m ashamed to admit I’ve produced my fair share of undecipherable Perl scripts.

I love learning about anything and everything, but especially development related tools, techniques, methodologies, other languages, and even theories. Like many other developers, I’m on a journey of self improvement, and this blog is one of the stepping stones along that road. I’m not into fads and would rather invest my time in learning things that’ll pay dividends for years to come, so while I’ll learn enough WPF to get the job done, I’ll try to spend quite a bit more time on things like TDD, SOLID principals, and DDD.

When I’m not working on my non-existant tan in front of a monitor, I’m usually traveling, biking, camping, exploring London with my lovely wife Katie, or hitting up the gym. I also completed my MBA not too long ago. I chronicle most those adventures in my personal blog.