We’ve had two meet-ups for the Code and Coffee already now, and it seems to be going pretty good. We decided to tackle a simple Rails application, as none of us had used Ruby or Rails before much, and thought it’d be worth taking a look at it.

We’re working through EdgeCase’s Ruby Koans to familurize ourselves with Ruby first, then we’ll start tackling some Rails examples. The Koans are a great way to introduce people to the language. Really, they’re brilliant. The meet-ups have stuck to about an hour in length so far, and we’ve determined we’ll meet every other Friday, still as 7am at the Canton Arabica that was previously mentioned. That puts our next get together on June 5th.

It was only Jason Lautzenheiser, Eric Schliffka, and myself there, but we’re hopeful more people will start coming. There’s been quite a bit of interest, so we’ll see. Looks like these meetings will be pretty helpful, though, keeping all of us on tasks, meeting some new people, and most important, pushing our comfort zone in development terms. They’re pretty fun, to boot! Hope to see you at the next one!