Time to lay out some professional and coding related goals for 2010:


  1. Code Complete - Steve McConnell
  2. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture - Martin Fowler
  3. Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns - Jimmy Nilsson
  4. Working Effectively With Legacy Code - Michael Feathers

Tools/Techniques/Processes @ Work

  • Move from SVN to Git (and learn more about Git in the process).
  • Move from CC.NET to Team City for our build server.
  • Build a more robust build script and management process - including production deployment and database migration scenarios.


  • Develop an idea I was given for an open source project and get it live to see what happens.
  • At least 24 blog posts (I’m not going to say 2 per month as I’m getting married this summer and I’m certain I won’t be able to maintain a schedule around it).
  • At least 3 feature/patch submissions to open source projects.


  • Get a version 1 out there on at least 1 of the 3 product ideas I have floating around.
  • Keep working on a good working knowledge of Ruby & Ruby on Rails (and use it to build the product mentioned above).

Pretty similar to last years goals overall, actually. I’ll be updating my progress every 3 months instead of 2 this year though.

Set any goals yourself this year?